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The Polly Ann Trail Management Council meets monthly at 3:00 pm at designated locations below per the approved meeting schedule.


Polly Ann Trail Management Council

Township Representitive Position Name
Addison Township Ed Brakefield Vice-Chairman Bruce Pearson
Orion Township Donni Steele Treasurer Aaron Whatley
Village of Leonard Mike McDonald Secretary  
Village of Oxford Joe Madore Alternate  
Trail Manager Linda S. Moran    
Citizen Representative Kevin Greene    
Oxford Township Curtis W. Wright Chairman Jonathan Nold


PDF file icon 2023 Polly Ann Trail Management Council Meeting Schedule

Meeting Locations

Oxford Township Offices
300 Dunlap Road
Oxford MI 48371

Rowland Hall
23 East Elmwood

Leonard MI 48367

Orion Township Offices
2323 Joslyn Rd
Lake Orion MI 48360

Oxford Village Offices
22 West Burdick 

Oxford MI 48371

Addison Township Government Offices
1400 Rochester Road
Addison Township MI 48367

Meeting Recordings - OCCTV Click here to View Full Play List